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My vision originally started for me when I was a single mom working from my home as a hair stylist raising my 3 daughters on my own back in 1992, although hair styling and fashion has been a love and passion of mine since the early age of 7. My vision became clearer for the desire and commitment to recognize, love and nurture women when I was left to raise my 3 children on my own as a single mom.

My heart was heavy but with much persistence and hard work I wanted to provide the best home in this situation for my children. During this time I learned much about myself and about the beauty and the value of women. I respect and love women for all their amazing abilities in life to make everything fine. I love men too! I knew early on in my journey that this industry – hair and beauty – was a perfect place and way to clearly help women to feel good about themselves by providing a place with a sense of freedom and wellness, music that had no meaning but was spiritually uplifting, while providing impeccable service with sophistication and always setting the mood to be safe and comforting. A place for women to feel their best.

After surviving a very difficult relationship in my single days Family Transition Place (FTP) helped me to gain confidence within myself and to move on. Here I am with my vision in place standing in the salon of my dreams and the opportunity to serve women and help them to feel good and also the opportunity to support FTP.

Thank-you God for my many challenges up to this point to make me the woman I am today. And thank-you to all of my team members to help live out my dreams. And a big thank-you to my husband who has supported me through the challenges of running my own business.

Kathleen Henning, Owner

Kathleen Henning, Owner

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