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Henning Salon Launches Rewards Program

Henning Salon Reward Points Program 

Beginning on January 1, 2010 all of our guest have been receiving reward points. 

This is how guests can earn reward points:


  1. Earn points for gift certificates purchases (10x dollar value)
  2. Earn points for pre-booking next service at time of checking out (1000 points)
  3. Earn points for referring another guest (1000 points)
  4. Earn points for retail purchases over $100 (1000 points)
  5. Earn points for service purchases over $150 (1000 points)
  6. Earn points at a rate of 10x retail purchase amount
  7. Earn points at a rate of 10x service purchase amount

 Value of Points:

 1000 points = $1.

 Redeeming Points:

 Points can be redeemed for any purchase (Retail, Service, and Gift Certificates)

 Points must be redeemed on or before December 31 of each year.

Feel free to ask our staff more about the rewards program.

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