Candace Reid

Three words to describe you as a stylist: Creative, patient, perfectionist

What was your worst personal hair moment?

Growing out a pixie that looked like a mullet.

Why Aveda? Why is Henning Salon unique?

Aveda because I love how they believe in sustainability in its ingredients and strives for moral excellence. Avedas products will do what they say they do. Henning Salon is unique because of our complimentary added services like our stress relieving massage with every service.

What are your favorite hair trends?


Why did you become a stylist?

I became a stylist because I was very good at doing hair right from a young age and knew I could give people what they wanted.

What is your favorite Aveda product right now?

Shampure Dry Conditioner. It allows me to reheat and style my hair without causing damage.

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