Soroya Padam

Three words to describe you as a stylist: Kind, patient, fun

What was your worst personal hair moment?

In hair school I asked one of my fellow classmates to cut my hair. I had been trying to grow it out and just wanted a sharp-diagonal forward haircut. She was so excited and just finished cutting the back. She thought she should show her work off to the instructor. The instructor then came by and informed her she needed to pull the front of the hair back and just started cutting. My class mate and I just looked at each other in complete shock. My hair that was below my shoulders was then cut just over my chin.

Why Aveda? Why is Henning Salon unique?

Aveda because you can always count on the line! The education, products and the overall concept are all done right with lots of love and care. And it shows! Henning Salon is unique because it has an incredible atmosphere, right from the second I walked through the doors. I felt relaxed and happy. It is an amazing environment to style and create in. The warm smiles and kind people are what make this place as amazing as it is!

What are your favorite hair trends?

Silver blondes, balayage and beachy waves.

Why did you become a stylist?

I have always found colour and styling hair so fascinating. I would indulge in “How To” youtube videos every night and attempted looks on my friends, family and even myself. Sometimes they were great and other times they were in need of work, but that only made doing it that much more intriguing to me.

What is your favorite Aveda product right now?

All of the Dry Remedy and Damage Remedy products. They all work like magic!


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